New Study Finds that Diagnostic Errors are Not Outliers

A new clinical study published on December 20, 2016, in The Spine Journal reveals significant variability in provider quality as well as diagnostic error rates considerably higher than previously reported in the field’s…

Error Reporting in Radiation Oncology

A new platform will allow problems to be divulged anonymously Radiation oncology has something in common with “America’s Got Talent.” A recent episode of the hit show featured a clip…

6 Hospital-Physician Partnerships That Brought a Vision to Life
Physicians Aligned Across Your Health System

7 Major Advancements in Radiology

A list of the radiology industry’s most recent achievements Since its discovery in the 19th century, the field of radiology has rapidly grown to enhance treatment for millions of people.…


The Benefits of Implementing Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography’s big payoff Digital Radiography (DR) enables the near-immediate rendering of high-quality medical images, right at the point of care. Quick acquisition and instantaneous…

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